Friends Life Retreat

Sept 3rd - Sept 7th  |  1.5 hrs from Minneapolis

Three days of connection, reflection and fun


New friends, campfires, swimming, self-improvement...and an escape from the routine. You deserve this!

Our modern lives are constantly bombarding us with more. More information, more stuff, more work. It's easy to get disconnected from what really matters. It's easy to just go through the motions.

That's why we're hosting this life retreat. It's a break from the normal, a reset. A chance to reconnect with the things that make us happiest in life, build lifelong friendships, and just have some old-fashioned fun!

Connect with amazing people

We're gathering a group of thoughtful and motivated people. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones!

Discover insights about yourself

We'll guide you through some self-reflection activities to help you be your most authentic self.

Relax and have fun

This is summer camp! We'll have tons of unstructured time to swim, boat, play games, do crafts, dance, and bonfire.

Set thoughtful life goals

What does a well-lived life look like to you? We'll help you define your personal success and set goals to get there.

Camp Icaghowan

Situated just 1.5 hours from the Minneapolis International Airport, YMCA'S Camp Icaghowan is awesome.

What you'll experience



Thurs Sept 3rd

Identify your strengths, transferrable skills, and interests

Use assessments, self-reflection, and conversations to know yourself better

Day 1

Fri Sept 4th

Define what you want and identify options that align

Prioritize criteria you want your career to fit and start discovering potential options

Day 2

Sat Sept 5th

Choose your top potential career paths to explore further

Use our proven decision framework to narrow down your options 

Day 3

Sun Sept 6th

Create an Action Plan to pursue your top options

Learn effective strategies for testing a career before leaping, then make your plan


Mon Sept 7th

Additional resources and lifetime access to the curriculum

5 steps to land your next job as a career changer + tools and templates

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