Resume Revamp

Resumes. You've got one, but you know it could use some work.
The biggest problem with your resume You don't give yourself enough credit! Let us help you identify your strengths and skills, then tell the stories of how you've used them to make a real impact.
After a resume revamp with us, your resume will easily stand out from the crowd and compel any recruiter to want to bring you in for an interview!

What you get:

  • Send us your resume so we can review it prior to the consultation call
  • 60 minutes consultation call so we can learn more and craft your impact stories together
  • We'll send you a revamped version, then you can request a second round of edits.
*Once you book, we'll email you requesting a copy of your resume as a Google Document so we can edit it together. 
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How it works:

Hit "Book now!"
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Choose a Coach
Decide who from the MC team you'd prefer to work with. It's a tough choice!
Pick a Time
Find a time that works for you using our easy online scheduler tool.
Get Started!
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Reviews from Career Changers like you

"My resume did not fit my skill set or career goals, but Grant and Erica helped me to better feature my strengths, and speak to the job I wanted. I could not have done this on my own!"
- Shayna, Fall 2018
"Grant was remarkable in helping me revise my resume to highlight my talents and career success. Prior to that, I wasn't receiving that many callbacks and couldn't figure out why. After working with Grant my resume was much more appealing and I've heard back from more companies!"
- Ogechi, Fall 2018

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