Do you feel like you're just going through the motions at work? Are you no longer growing or making the impact you want to create? How much longer will you put up with this?

UVA Alumni Career Services have teamed up with Mission Collaborative to help you design a career you love!

We created the UVA Alumni Career Change Bootcamp to give you the tools and motivation to get unstuck from an unfulfilling career path and start doing work you're excited to get out of bed for.

This full-day workshop is for UVA alumni who are ready to make a career change but need help figuring out exactly what comes next. Whether you're early, mid, or late career, this program and its unique collaborative format will help you make breakthrough progress.

We'll teach you a more effective process for changing careers, and work together to help you identify some exciting paths forward. Along the way, you'll connect with other career changers, do a lot of self-reflection, and pick up a ton of useful tools to help you build a career you actually love!

Career Change Bootcamp


By the end of the day:

You’ll have defined what you want from your next career move and identified potential career paths.

You’ll know how to use our proven career design process any time you need to make a career change.

You’ll be a part of an inspirational community of UVA peers who will help you along your career change journey!

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and get motivated to design a career you love

  • Clearly define what you want from the next stage of your career

  • Work with the community to define several Potential Career Paths to explore

  • Learn how to test potential career paths to narrow down your options

  • Create an action plan for your next steps

  • Learn a better process for landing your next job as a career changer

And more specifically, you'll:


The bootcamp is a highly interactive and fast-paced day. We'll guide you through our proven career design process and help you uncover breakthrough insights along the way!

Before the Bootcamp

Prepare for the big day


March 31st


Career Change Bootcamp

  • Intros, meet the community, Greatest Fears activity

  • Peer interviews to define your values, strengths, and interests

  • Determine what matters to you most for your next career move

  • Build your Career Profile to define what you want next

  • Lunch break (we provide lunch)

  • Team brainstorming to define several potential career paths

  • Learn strategies to test career paths and develop a Test Plan

  • How to land a job as a career changer presentation

After the Bootcamp

Ongoing support and community

  • Attend monthly MC alumni reunions to continue the journey

  • Plug into other UVA alumni career resources

Location: Make Offices at Logan Exchange, 1509 16th St. NW, Washington DC


"I started the day without any good ideas nor any clear career path in mind. By the end of the day, I not only had two distinct career path ideas, but also a list of helpful resources and great contacts. My experience with the program was invaluable, and I am hopeful that a new and exciting career will begin sooner than I ever thought!"

- Rachel, February 2019

"I have been talking about and exploring a career change for years so when I heard about the bootcamp, it was with a little skepticism that I decided to sign up.  Was I in for a surprise! Not only did I learn more about myself but I was able to to identify my main career interests and leave with an exciting plan forward… WOW!!"

- Matt, December 2018

"Before the bootcamp I felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to even begin to find a new and more fulfilling career. I did not have a clear vision of what that future looked like or how I could achieve it. Now the Bootcamp gave me a methodology to identify my strengths, tease out a future vision, and develop an execution plan to achieve that vision. In addition, the collaborative aspects of the program allowed me to leverage the experience and knowledge of the other participants."

- Anne, November 2018

Here's what recent bootcamp participants have to say about the experience:


We're committed to offering you an outstanding experience at a very affordable price. Compare to traditional career coaching at $150-$350 per hour.



Alumni Career Change Bootcamp tuition

  • Includes everything outlined above

  • Going through financial hardship? We sometimes offer discounts. Contact us

By Mar 17th:


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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back:

​If you complete the Bootcamp but are still feeling totally lost about what you want from your career after 3 months, we will personally meet with you to help you figure out exactly what to do differently. If you’re following what we suggest and it’s still not working, we will give you your money back.


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register! We promise you'll be glad you did :)

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