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Do work you love

Our mission

Two-thirds of Americans report feeling disengaged at work. We believe that doing work you love not only keeps you engaged, but also makes the world a better place. 

We’re on a mission to help courageous people build careers they love so they can make their fullest contribution to the world around them.

Since 2017, we've helped thousands of career designers find more fulfilling work through our programs. We've worked with people from all ages and industries; from teachers and lawyers, to engineers and administrators. Regardless of your background or age, our proven Career Design Process will give the clarity and plan you need to pursue a career you really love.
Speaking of our Career Design Process, where did that come from? We've spent years refining our approach to career design, and have been very influenced by a number of fields, including Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, and Career Counseling. Our process breaks down the overwhelming challenge of "figuring out what you want to do" into simple steps that anyone can follow!
Our team

Grant Schroll - CEO & Cofounder

Grant is passionate about helping others figure out who they want to be when they "grow up." He has navigated several career changes himself, going from engineer to consultant to designer and now entrepreneur. He uses his background in Design Thinking and facilitation to reimagine career navigation and create transformative professional development experiences.
Contact Grant at

Ashley Artrip - President & Cofounder

Ashley is on a mission to help others design successful careers that are engaging and fulfilling. Before Mission Collaborative, she worked at Gallup and other organizations, where she focused on researching employee engagement and what contributes to a successful career. While at Gallup, she became a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, enabling her to help others identify their strengths and harness them to design careers they love.
Contact Ashley at
Steph Szuch headshot 2023.jpeg

Steph Szuch - Director of Program Management

Steph mission is to support people to build a life of their choosing. She has worked extensively with professionals looking to boost their skills to apply for different jobs, move abroad, or take a new step in their careers. She also works as a Life Coach specializing in confidence and life changes. She takes a strengths-based approach in all of her work and loves helping people take full advantage of their gifts.

Lindsay Dahl - Program Manager

Lindsay believes deeply in the power of design to help people and organizations envision a better future. After completing the Fellowship herself, she felt empowered to use her expertise in program management, facilitation, and design thinking to support other career changers. Prior to making her own career transition, Lindsay spent over a decade leading award-winning communications campaigns, most notably at Edelman.

Sagarika Das - Program Manager

Sagarika is passionate about supporting career-changers through their journeys of self-discovery and transformation. She is an epidemiologist with a background in global health, human-centered design, and higher education, and she uses her multidisciplinary expertise to guide individuals in pursuit of fulfilling and empowering careers.
Cecile Oreste Headshot.jpg

Cecile Oreste - Program Manager

Cecile is a strategic communications professional, diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate, and arts and culture supporter. She began her career in advertising sales and media relations, then transitioned to nonprofit arts and most recently higher education. An alumna of the Mission Collaborative Fellowship, Cecile enjoys helping people make connections to enhance their careers.
Kara Reens __ Headshot.jpg

Kara Reens - Program Manager

Kara is passionate about helping people and communities flourish through meaningful work. Prior to joining the Mission Collaborative team, she supported programs and partnerships at various nonprofits in the social justice, faith-based, and higher education sectors.

Claire Dorn - Program Manager

Claire has extensive experience coaching professionals in various industries through periods of career transition. She is passionate about helping people design fulfilling careers aligned with their strengths, passions and interests. Her professional background includes teaching, career coaching, workforce development, and project and program management.
Sonal Gupta headshot_edited.jpg

Sonal Gupta - Program Manager

Sonal is a multi-passionate professional with experience in consulting and corporate strategy and a fascination around how we can empower individuals in their careers to create more effective organizations. She believes in using business to improve our world, and she uses design thinking and an adaptable nature to solve problems quickly and help others do so as well. She is expected to become an ICF certified coach in 2023 and will specialize in helping individuals from under-represented backgrounds to achieve career goals and leadership positions within organizations. 
MC Headshot Katherine Lelek.jpg

Katherine Lelek - Program Manager

Katherine is a dedicated career services professional and Mission Collaborative alumna who believes that self-reflection, research and having a strategic plan are the keys to finding career success. Her superpower is curiosity and she is a lifelong learner. She is particularly interested in using design thinking to empower others to find meaning and joy in their lives. 
Headshot-Bethany_Hopkins copy.jpg

Bethany Hopkins - Program Manager

Bethany is a career development professional who thrives on supporting people from all backgrounds through career transitions. She draws primarily from design thinking and storytelling approaches to help folks on their journeys. Her professional background includes career coaching, university teaching, and program management. She has a PhD in history.
Laura Profesh.png

Laura Marks - Program Manager

Laura is a mission-driven experiential learning advocate with 10+ years experience facilitating transformative educational programs to help others broaden their worldviews and navigate their careers. She has transitioned roles, industries, and countries a number of times (seriously, her Linkedin may give you whiplash), and believes our careers are forever in flux, with each new experience presenting an opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow. She's passionate about transforming education to meet the needs of the future of work, the potential of project-based learning to aid with career exploration, and supporting female founders.

Peter Nesbitt - Operations Manager

Peter is passionate about helping people and companies work as effectively as possible, focusing on optimizing operational systems so business leaders can spend their time where they are most valuable. His career path has taken him from educator to executive assistant to entrepreneur and beyond, so he understands first-hand the importance of finding a career that fits your skills and interests. 

"This was the greatest investment I've made thus far into advancing my career"   - Ogechi, Winter 2018

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