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Our mission

Two-thirds of Americans report feeling disengaged at work. We believe that doing work you love not only keeps you engaged, but also makes the world a better place. 

We’re on a mission to help courageous people build careers they love so they can make their fullest contribution to the world around them.

Since 2017, we've helped thousands of career designers find more fulfilling work through our programs. We've worked with people from all ages and industries; from teachers and lawyers, to engineers and administrators. Regardless of your background or age, our proven Career Design Process will give the clarity and plan you need to pursue a career you really love.
Speaking of our Career Design Process, where did that come from? We've spent years refining our approach to career design, and have been very influenced by a number of fields, including Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, and Career Counseling. Our process breaks down the overwhelming challenge of "figuring out what you want to do" into simple steps that anyone can follow!
Our team

Grant Schroll - CEO & Cofounder

Grant is passionate about helping others figure out who they want to be when they "grow up." He has navigated several career changes himself, going from engineer to consultant to designer and now entrepreneur. He uses his background in Design Thinking and facilitation to reimagine career navigation and create transformative professional development experiences.
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Ashley Artrip - Cofounder

Ashley is on a mission to help others design successful careers that are engaging and fulfilling. Before Mission Collaborative, she worked at Gallup and other organizations, where she focused on researching employee engagement and what contributes to a successful career. While at Gallup, she became a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, enabling her to help others identify their strengths and harness them to design careers they love.
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Erica Soultanian - Cofounder

Erica redesigned her own career path, leaving a career in corporate finance to create meaningful impact in local government. Having experienced the challenges of career change first hand, she's dedicated herself to building Mission Collaborative so others don't have to suffer as she did. Erica is an expert researcher, compassionate coach and go-getter entrepreneur.

Valeria Lopez - Director of Program Management

Valeria finds joy in helping others design careers they love. A career changer herself, Valeria has worked in education policy and research, healthcare and entrepreneurship. She uses her expertise in the ability model of emotional intelligence and adult learning theory to help career designers figure out what's next.

Peter Nesbitt - Operations Manager

Peter is passionate about helping people and companies work as effectively as possible, focusing on optimizing operational systems so business leaders can spend their time where they are most valuable. His career path has taken him from educator to executive assistant to entrepreneur and beyond, so he understands first-hand the importance of finding a career that fits your skills and interests. 

Lindsay Dahl - Facilitator

Lindsay believes deeply in the power of design to help people and organizations envision a better future. After completing the Mission Collaborative Fellowship, she felt empowered to use her expertise in program management, facilitation, and design thinking to support other career changers. Prior to making her own career transition, Lindsay spent over a decade leading award-winning communications campaigns, most notably at Edelman.

Ashley Johnson - Facilitator

Ashley loves helping people grow. As an ICF certified coach, Ashley specializes in partnering with individuals and teams to develop their strengths and achieve their maximum potential. Ashley is an organizational development expert, with a background in management consulting, non-profit management, and communications. When not working with Mission Collaborative, Ashley works with Fortune 500 companies and executives in leadership development.  

Nithyaa Venkataramani - Facilitator

Nithyaa loves working with individuals at transformative moments to support them in designing the most fulfilling career journey imaginable. She worked across the philanthropic, non-profit, and government sectors and launched her own coaching practice based in somatic awareness, meditation and expressive arts therapy. Nithyaa also has experience facilitating wellbeing workshops for physical, emotional and spiritual health in hospitals, schools and shelters.

Laura Marks - Facilitator

Laura is a mission-driven experiential learning advocate with 10+ years experience facilitating transformative educational programs to help others broaden their worldviews and navigate their careers. She's passionate about transforming education to meet the needs of the future of work, the potential of project-based learning to aid with career exploration, and supporting female founders.

Yeny Madrid - Facilitator

Yeny describes herself as a life-long learner and opportunity seeker - and through these traits that she's been able to design a career she loves. Part of her mission in life is to empower others to find their purpose and design a fulfilling career. She hopes to use her experience in coaching, program management, and professional skills training to help Mission Collaborative participants get the most out of their career design journey.

Loreal Latimer - Facilitator

Originally from the southside of Chicago, Loreal is a dynamic leader, learner, certified facilitator, and coach with over 8  years of experience within education, communications & non-profit management. When not working at Mission Collaborative, Loreal is managing program implementation across the country for school-based, youth-focused initiatives designed to support students from low-income communities with college and career readiness, academic persistence, and emotional support.

Sherry Ezhuthachan - Facilitator

Sherry is a CTI Co-Active Coach whose practice is grounded in the belief that authentic expression is an unending source of deeply powerful leadership, innovation, and fulfillment. Sherry values authentic expression in all areas of life, especially in how we contribute to the world through work. She began her career as an electrical engineer and project manager, then transitioned to non-profit program and partnerships management before finding fulfillment in coaching and entrepreneurship.

"This was the greatest investment I've made thus far into advancing my career"   - Ogechi, Winter 2018

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