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Why partner with us?

Mission Collaborative runs career change programs for busy professionals who are ready to make a change but need help figuring out what comes next. That sounds like a lot of your alumni, doesn't it?

Regardless of age or background, our programs guide participants through the Career Design Process, a framework we've developed to help career changers identify what they really want, discover potential career paths, then test their options to narrow them down to the best fit.

We partner with Alumni Associations to offer school-branded career change programs (both online and in-person) that cater to your unique alumni. We do the hard work and your school gets the credit!

Increase Your Capacity

Turn on high-impact new programs without all the work! All you have to do is promote them to your alumni.

Reach More Alumni

Our online programs are highly scalable, allowing you to meet the demand from alumni and scale your impact.

Boost Engagement

Reach underserved alumni groups. 70% of participants say they're more likely to engage with future events.

Low Risk 

Test out our partnership with a small pilot. We'll make sure alumni love it and you feel confident before expanding!

No Cost to You

Participants pay the program fee, so there's no cost to you. Online programs can be set up as a new revenue stream.

Share Success Stories

We'll create an Impact Report so you can easily share the success of our programs with your broader teams.

Some of our partners:

Career Change Fellowship

30 day online program

A four-week online program for alumni anywhere in the world. The Fellowship coaches participants through the Career Design Process using self-paced modules, small team video conferences, and whole community discussion forums. 

30-200 participants 

$199 Early, $249 Regular *

10 weeks lead time to launch

*Some of our partners choose to increase the cost and keep the difference as revenue. Inquire for details.

  1. Determine a start date for the Fellowship

  2. Choose target population and email dates

  3. Sign our Partnership Agreement

  4. Add your alumni resources to program

  5. Approve program website and email copy

  6. Send marketing emails

All you have to do:

Once the Fellowship is set up, it can be run 2-3  times per year. All you need to do is send the marketing emails!

Career Change Bootcamp

An in-person workshop

A full-day workshop for regional alumni. The Bootcamp is a a fast-paced and highly interactive experience for alumni, designed to jumpstart their career change process. Participants leave with clarity and an action plan, along with an expanded network.

20-30 participants 

$189 Early, $219 Regular *

7 weeks lead time to launch

*For bootcamps in other cities, there is an additional travel cost that you can pay, or the price can be raised.

  1. Determine date for the Bootcamp

  2. Secure a suitable venue

  3. Choose target population and email dates

  4. Sign our Partnership Agreement

  5. Approve registration page and email copy

  6. Send marketing emails

All you have to do:

Bootcamps can generally be run 2-3 times per year per city. All you need to do is send the marketing emails for that region!

Want to learn more? Interested in a pilot?

"Working with Mission Collaborative was such a unique and creative way to help us meet the growing needs of our alumni in their professional goals and environments. They are energetic, knowledgeable, and highly interactive. Our alumni were overwhelmingly enthused by having this program as a resource to them, with a large majority of our attendees being alumni who have never been to an alumni event or program prior. We're excited to continue partnering and capturing new segments of our alumni base in a more professional capacity with Mission Collaborative."


Aubrey McLaughlin

Associate Director of Events and Professional Programs

"Having been in the infancy stages of building a new culture of providing robust career programming to our alumni community, it was a no brainer for us to partner with Mission Collaborative. Our alumni have continuously raved about their experience during the first bootcamp we held and how it gave them an exciting plan to move forward with the next step in their career. We're excited to provide our next bootcamp and our alumni are too!"


Latisha Taylor

Associate Director, Outreach & Engagement 

"I'm glad I found the strength to step outside of my comfort zone and attend the Mason Career Change Bootcamp because it helped me realize the power of my alumni network! The combination of networking with alumni along with the Mission Collaborative process really helped me to give and receive valuable feedback from my peers, and make new connections. The fact that it was hosted by Mason's Alumni Career Services also reminded me about the various tools and resources available help me with my career change."

Jerry, Fall 2018

"I signed up for the Career Change Bootcamp on impulse, hoping for a way to be less stuck, expecting to match values and strengths to a job title.  Well..... I went from stuck to Awww Yeah! I found a process and a new approach that I can embrace. The day flowed well, each activity building toward the next, camaraderie and exploration increasing until I could see possibilities. Thanks so much for the experience!"

Bernice, Winter 2018

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