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You don't have to go through this on your own!

So you’ve likely heard it all before. In order to get a “dream” job – a job you feel excited for each morning and fulfilled by each evening – you’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to build in- demand skills, a robust network, and real-life experience, among several other things. And the first thought that surfaces in your brain is, “that sounds hard!” Well yes, it is hard! But as the expression goes, anything worthwhile is going to take time and hard work.

What I, and many others who are going through the Mission Collaborative process, have come to realize is that building a career you love is not something that just happens to the lucky few, but rather it is a well-thought-out process of self-discovery, trial and error, and risk-taking. More broadly put, it is a process of completely reimagining the role you play in finding a job that will truly make you happy over the long-run. “Wait, you’re telling me I have to worry about all of this stuff too?” Yep!

If you’re starting to hyperventilate, you’re not alone. Like I mentioned earlier, this process is not easy. But if you’re even reading this and think about these things, you’re on the right path. You and I both know that these steps are worthwhile and long overdue. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “But still, how I am supposed to change all of my bad career habits into good ones? It’s hard enough to get myself to clean up my room or floss consistently! How am I supposed to actually take all of this career advice and implement it?” That’s where Mission Collaborative is a life-saver!

Through their workshops and coaching, they provide:

  • Well-researched and data-backed questions that will help you answer those key self-discovery questions

  • Practical, yet innovative, ideas to start testing your assumptions and taking small risks to better understand what kind or roles you actually enjoy

  • Feedback and experience on critical pieces of the puzzle, like resume-building, networking, and actually applying

And most importantly for me:

  • Support through a community of others who are going through the same process as you

  • That extra motivation you know you need to get you started today

Sometimes there’s no way to sugarcoat it. There’s a lot that goes into this process. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through this difficult process all on your own. Mission Collaborative and the community that has formed around it are truly supportive in every form of the word. They’ll help you keep your head above water and push you to keep swimming each-and- every day. I can also say from firsthand experience; the workshops turn an often- exhausting process into something that is actually fun! Now that is really special.

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