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Design a career you love

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We'll help you get there

We guide you to more fulfilling work through our online programs

Get clarity

Figure out what you really want from your career and what direction to go next

Make a plan

Use our Design Thinking inspired process to make an effective plan for your next career move

Gain confidence

Own your unique value and boldly pursue the rewarding career you deserve
Trusted by graduates from:

Whether you need a big or a small change

Regardless of your age, background, or role, our programs will help you make your next move


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Moved to a better fit company

"What an excellent program! I actually accepted a job today! Following through and exploring this career path would not have happened without the discoveries I made about myself during the Fellowship"


Image by Shipman Northcutt


Fundraising to Management

"The Fellowship surpassed my expectations and felt far more valuable to my career change and job search than my previous 1:1 work with a career coach. I have a clearer understanding of what I want from my career!"


Attractive Mature Woman


Education to Entrepreneur

"I honestly managed to accomplish more in four weeks than I did in five years! I finally had the right combination of resources, guidance, and accountability that I never had before on my own."

Upcoming public programs

The Career Design Fellowship 

Online | May 2024

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll guide you through our Career Design Process to help you identify your strengths, define your ideal career criteria, discover exciting new career possibilities, and create an action plan to land your next dream job!
Working from Home
Now's the time to build a fulfilling career
Our career design programs give you the structure, tools, and accountability you need to make the breakthrough progress you've been struggling to achieve on your own.

Free Career Design 101 webinar recording

This webinar recording from our founder will show you how to start designing a career you love. We'll also keep you updated on upcoming programs!

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