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The Job Search Accelerator

30 day online program to fast-track your job search

Job searching is tough, especially right now. There's a better way!


If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to do next, the Accelerator is exactly what you need to fast-track you to the next chapter of your career.


This new online program that will guide you through a more effective job search strategy, accelerating your path to a great new job. We'll be by your side, showing you the tactics and giving you the confidence to be a top candidate who gets exciting job offers!

Regardless of your background, the Accelerator provides the structure and accountability you need to make the breakthrough progress you've been struggling to achieve on your own. 

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Become an ideal candidate

Showcase your value (with a stronger resume and LinkedIn) and captivate employers so you get more interviews.

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Use a better job search process

Find great opportunities, get in through the "back door," and increase your chances of getting the offer.

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Interview more effectively

Become a better storyteller, propose solutions, and convey your value. Learn how to negotiate when the offers start.

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Identify your gaps and fix them

Discover potential weaknesses in your candidacy and work through them. Learn what to do differently if you get stuck.

Who this is for

We've designed the Accelerator to guide you through a better process to land your next job, regardless of your age, background, or industry. As long as you know what job you want, we'll help you get there.

The Accelerator is perfect for you if you:

  • Are tired of sending countless resumes into the void 

  • Haven't job searched in a while and want to do it right

  • Aren't sure what to do differently to start getting interviews and job offers

*You must have one or two specific jobs that you're pursuing. The Accelerator only works when you know exactly what you're looking for. Check out our Fellowship program if you don't know what you want next.


Early career

"Digging into the resume helped me realize that I have done some pretty impressive work and I deserve a great career opportunity. I feel my resume went from basic at best, to kind of awesome!"


Mid career

"I am loving the new role I just recently landed, and have Mission Collaborative to thank for it. They give you the tools to be proactive and successful in your search."


Late career

"The course platforms were easy to use, flexible, and the whole program fit into my busy schedule. I even developed a detailed action plan that I used immediately to pursue new career opportunities."

How it works

The Accelerator is not 1:1 coaching — it's a peer-to-peer program where you'll get input and support from fellow job seekers. Starting March 20th, you'll spend 5-10 hours per week (depending on how urgent your timeline is) doing the following:

Complete assignments on your own time

Learn a better process from the experts, explore curated resources, and complete insightful exercises. Just get the work done by the recommended deadlines! 

Weekly team working sessions

Work with a diverse team of peers to get ideas, insightful feedback, and ongoing motivation.  Choose between Wednesdays at 7pm ET or Thursdays at 9pm ET.

Weekly calls with your Partner

Work with a peer that's on the same job search timeline as you. You'll stay accountable with weekly working session calls at times that work for both of you.

Leverage the whole community

Crowdsource ideas, resources, and connections from peers, your personal network, and the Accelerator facilitators. You have an entire community supporting you!

What you'll experience

Expect to spend between 5 hrs/wk (if you're not in a rush for a new job) and 10 hrs/wk (if you have an urgent timeline) working on the Accelerator. You'll have a 1.5 hour video meeting weekly with your Team (Weds at 7pm ET or Thurs at 9pm ET, you pick). You’ll also have weekly hour-long phone calls with your Partner (at times you choose together).

Week 1

Mar 20 - Mar 27

Work with your team and partner to craft your value proposition

Optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile with our templates and peer feedback

Week 2

Mar 28 - April 3

Identify job opportunities, refine your pitch, and address your gaps

Build a"Target List" of employers and learn how to make yourself a top candidate

Week 3

April 4 - 10

Learn how to network authentically and get an "in" with employers

 Tips and scripts to build relationships with employers and show your value

Week 4

April 11 - 18

Begin applying, prepare for interviews, and create your Action Plan 

Learn how to get referred to job opportunities and nail your interviews

Ongoing Support

More tools and resources + lifetime access to the curriculum

Keep meeting with your Team and Partner, more resources for landing your next job

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We're committed to offering outstanding professional development that is accessible to everyone.

Compare to 1-on-1 job search coaching ($2,000+) and resume review services ($500+).

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Is the Accelerator right for me?

We've designed the Accelerator to help you fast-track your job search, regardless of your age, background, or industry.​ To get the most from this experience, you MUST have one or two specific jobs that you want to pursue. The Accelerator will NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You aren't sure what specific job you want next (check out our other program if this is you)
  • You want 1-on-1 expert career coaching (this is a peer-to-peer program)
  • You want the answers handed to you and don't have time to put in the hard work
  • You aren't excited to spend some of your time helping your peers
  • You're not able to commit to completing the assigned work (at least 5 hours per week)
Still not sure if the Accelerator is right for you? Send us a message and we'll talk!

How much time will this take?

It depends on your job search timeline. If you need to land your next job ASAP, you should expect to sped 10 hours or more per week working on your job search. If you have a longer timeline, you can expect to spend about 5 hours per week working on the Accelerator. Almost all of the work is done on your own schedule, except for the Team meetings, which are 1.5 hours weekly at a time you pick. You will get the best results when you keep up with the suggested deadlines and attend all of your weekly Team meetings and Partner calls.

What technology do I need to participate?

All you need is a computer with a webcam (tablets won't work!), reliable wifi, and a Google account. Nothing to download, and no special equipment required! We'll be using a platform called Teachable for the program curriculum, a tool called Slack for our community discussion forum, Google Docs for your assignments, and a video conferencing tool called Jitsi Meet. We provide tech tutorials before the Fellowship begins so you can learn everything you need to know! *Note that company computers may have security features that prevent some of these tools from working properly. We recommend using a personal computer.

What if I have to miss one or more of the Team meetings?

While we really want you to participate as fully as possible in the Accelerator, we understand that you may occasionally have a conflict. When you enroll, you'll be asked to choose either Wednesday or Thursday meeting times. If you need to miss just one of the four Team video meetings, you can give your team advanced warning and make up the work later. However, if you need to miss more than one, we suggest you wait for the next Accelerator.

Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee

You are eligible for a full refund up until 7 days before the Accelerator begins. After that, we can provide a 50% refund up until the start date of the program. No refunds past the first day of the Accelerator. ​If you are still struggling to make any progress on your job search after the program, we'll provide 1-on-1 coaching to help you figure out exactly what to do differently. If you’re following what we suggest and it’s still not working, we will give you your money back.
For more details on both of these, review our Terms of Use

Who is leading the program?

The Accelerator experience is brought to you by the career design experts at Mission Collaborative. They’ve spent years helping people build great careers, and they’ll be your guides through the curriculum. Grant Schroll, Co-Founder of Mission Collaborative - I'm passionate about helping people like you design a fulfilling career that fits you. I've navigated many career changes myself, going from engineer, to consultant, to designer, and now entrepreneur. I use my background in Design Thinking and facilitation to help people figure out what they want next then implement a better process to make it happen!

Ashley Artrip, Co-Founder of Mission Collaborative - My mission in life is to help others design successful careers that are engaging and fulfilling. Before Mission Collaborative, I worked at Gallup where I focused on researching employee engagement and what contributes to a successful career. I am a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach, enabling me to help others identify their strengths and harness them to design careers they love.

What sort of support can I expect from the Accelerator staff?

Throughout the Accelerator, you'll get a ton of value from the curriculum, your weekly Team meetings, and your calls with your Partner. Should you get stuck, have questions, or just need to talk something through, your program Facilitator will be there for you on an as-needed basis! You can reach out to your Facilitator for any of the following reasons:

  • You're feeling stuck or frustrated and need some support
  • You have a question or want feedback on an assignment you're working on
  • You need tech support with any of the tools we use in the Accelerator
  • You have a concern about your Team or Partner
*The Accelerator does not provide 1-on-1 career coaching.

Am I guaranteed to land a job by the end of this program?

No, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a job offer by the end of the Accelerator. Depending on how much work you put into the program (and your job search more generally), your timeline to receiving/accepting an offer will vary. Our job is to teach you a better process, equip you with the tools, and help you make as much progress as possible during the program. While you might not get all the way to a new job, we're confident you'll get there much faster with the Accelerator!